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The Linaro HiSilicon Landing Team is pleased to announce the new release of the Linaro Linux release for HiKey. The Linaro Linux 15.11 release is a Debian-based Linaro Build that provides developers with a desktop like environment using Debian and the LXDE desktop, as well as a console-only image.


  • Based on Linux kernel v3.18 and Debian 8.2 (“Jessie”)
  • Support for ARM Trusted Firmware, UEFI and GRUB
  • Support for OpenGL ES
  • Support for WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Support for high-speed USB Host and USB OTG
  • Stable 1080p/720p HDMI support (known issues on some monitors)
  • Support for microSD card
  • Support for Grove Starter Kit for 96boards
  • Working core set of applications including:
    • Graphical music player
    • Web browser
    • File manager
    • Graphical editor
    • A graphical UI to manage Bluetooth and WiFi
  • The following flavors are released:
    • alip image that includes a minimal desktop environment GUI using LXDE
    • developer image that includes debian core packages as well as typical development packages

Note: Each flavor has both an eMMC and an SD card version.

  • All images have a pre-configured user called linaro, and the password for this user is set to linaro
  • The following features are supported on Hi6220 SoC:
    • Integrated Octa-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 at up to 1.2 GHz per core
    • Embedded Mali450-MP4 GPU, supporting 3D graphics processing, OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0

Information about the HiKey

For more information about HiKey such as the hardware manual, Hi6220 SoC specifications, getting start guide, known issues, and schematics, please check the following website and wiki:

Build from Source

For instructions on building the software from source, please see the section ‘Building Software from Source Code’ in the Getting Started Guide:

$ git clone https://github.com/96boards/linux.git
$ git checkout -b working-hikey 96boards-hikey-15.11

Feedback and Support

For general question or support request, please go to 96boards.org Community forum

For any bug related to this release, please submit issues to the 96Board.org Bug tracking system. To submit a bug, follow this link

Bugs will be reviewed and prioritized by the team. For any bug report it is recommended to provide as much information as possible, and at the very list please include the name of the release you are using, the output of dpkg -l to list all packages installed, as well, as the boot log (output of dmesg).

Enjoy hacking!